The Triple Crown of Pitching: An Overview

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While we previously discussed Major League Baseball’s famed Triple Crown of hitting, the sports also boasts another legendary “Triple Crown” feat. Pitchers are also capable of achieving Triple Crown titles, which are attained when a pitcher leads his league in … Read More

Mo’Ne Davis and Baseball Memorabilia

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Although 13-year-old pitching phenom Mo’Ne Davis has been eliminated from the Little League World Series, her legacy as the first female Little Leaguer to pitch a shutout remains. And though some may write off her Sports Illustrated cover appearance as … Read More

Will Tulo Become a Yankee?

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When a professional baseball team’s fortunes grow dimmer as summer winds down, fans often shake their heads and say, “There’s always next year!” However, making changes to the lineup isn’t merely a matter of adding a key player or three. … Read More

Ranking America’s Best Ballparks

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For anyone who has had the good fortune to see several Major League Baseball (MLB) games in different venues, comparisons inevitably arise as to which of America’s ballparks is the best place to take in the country’s pastime. During an … Read More

Biggest Home Runs in Baseball History

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Baseball, perhaps more than any other major sport, is a game obsessed with statistics and records. Some of the most monumental moments in baseball history have come not just from dramatic playoff wins or walk-off runs, but from late regular-season … Read More

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