Bata 2Pitch4 – PM

$3,999.00 $3,299.00

Improvement over the Bata 2Pitch3.  More realistic.



Each head of the 2Pitch4 Baseball Pitching Machine has two wheels and two motors. This allows you to adjust the speeds to any setting with any spin. Each head is capable of throwing any pitch that a real pitcher can throw. The pitch combinations are many, from a straight fastball and split-finger change-up to a tailing fastball with a slider, or any combination that you can think of.

The heads tilt in unison because most pitchers throw all of their pitches with the same arm angle. The range on the head tilt is 35 degrees because most pitchers do not drop their arm more than that. The 35 degree tilt allows you to throw realistic pitches. One easy-to-use lock handle locks the two heads to any angle that you chose.

On each head, there is one lock handle to control the height location adjustment, and one handle to control the inside/outside location adjustment. The variety of pitch combinations is virtually unlimited.


  • Maximum speed on each head – 95 mph2 double-wheel heads with independent speed control for each wheel, and independent adjustment for height and inside/outside locations for each head.
  • Both heads tilt in unison – from vertical (for overhand pitching) – to 35 degrees to either side.
  • Throw any two pitches – at any two speeds – to any two locations without making any adjustments between pitches.
  • 4-Wheel design
  • Welded steel construction
  • Throws fly balls and ground balls
  • Runs on 110 volt AC5-year warranty