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PD: Sports Tutor - StrikeOne


Ideal for youth leagues.  Throws real and RIF baseballs from 20 to 60mph

StrikeOne Baseball Pitching Machine

The newly designed StrikeOne baseball pitching machine is the perfect portable pitching machine. With both Heavy Duty Battery and AC/DC capability the Strike one will allow you to pitch without the need for a noisy generator. This machine throws low seam baseballs as well as dimple and RIF baseballs at speeds from 20 to 60 mph.


The StrikeOne Model is backed by a 3 year warranty covering both parts and labor, with an available extended warranty.


Optional Battery Pack. If you play on a field without electric power the StrikeOne baseball’s DC capability means you won’t need a noisy generator. Just plug in the optional External HD Battery Pack and pitch for over four hours before recharging. The External HD Battery Pack comes complete with its own internal battery charger that fully recharges the battery overnight.

Package Deal.  With a package deal you must select a batting cage. You get a 13% discount off the batting cage when doing a package deal.  Everything for the cage is included except the 10′ poles needed for the frame, which you buy locally. The poles are 3/4″ electrical conduit, steel galvanized pipe (EMT), and are readily available in stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. The trade name for these poles is “thin wall.” They are in the “electrical conduit” aisle. Below are the quantities of poles you need to buy:

40′ cage requires 23 poles
50′ cage requires 28 poles
60′ cage requires 33 poles
70′ cage requires 38 poles.