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PD: Mound Yeti III


Baseball only. Three wheels from 40-80 MPH.


The Mound Yeti III gives you more control than almost any baseball pitching machine on the market. Featuring 3 wheels, you can adjust the speed of each wheel independently to give you various types of pitches. Crank the speed of the side wheels for a slider or curve, keep them all the same for a knuckleball. Pitch speed can be adjusted from 40mph to 80mph. With the turn of a lever, the machine head can be angled for field practice, or swiveled side to side to vary pitch location. In our own testing, we found the Mound Yeti 3 to be quieter, more stable, and provide a smoother pitch than any other pitching machine we’ve encountered. 


Baseball use only (no softballs). Dimpled machine balls are recommended.


Other three wheel machines priced from $2,500 to $5,500.