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PD: Zooka - ZS720


Battery operated.  Throws up to 50 mph.  Free shipping in the continental U.S.

Zooka ZS720

The Zooka ZS720 is light weight and weighs less than 30 pounds including the tripod.  The battery is heavy duty and will carry 800 pitches on a single charge at 40mph and 700 pitches at 50mph.
A battery charger is included (110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz) and is an internal 12 Volt sealed rechargeable.  Full charge in 10 Hours with a battery life 4 to 6 years. There is a connector for an additional external battery.

Easy Setup

One Minute Setup, No Tools Needed.
Elevation adjustable from 2 To 80 degrees in less than 10 seconds.
Full 360 degree rotation for fielding and pop fly drills.
Suitable for use on grass, dirt, or asphalt surfaces.
Speed: Adjustable from 10 To 50 MPH with digital readout.

Pitch Types:

Fastballs with topspin rotation. Pitch distance 20 to 65 feet
With tall tripod pitch release height is 43" w/tall tripod; 24" with short tripod.
Throws: Real Baseballs, Dimple Balls, Safety Balls, Tennis Balls


Zooka Autoloader

Package Deal

With a package deal you must select a batting cage. Everything for the cage is included except the 10' poles needed for the frame, which you buy locally. The poles are 3/4" electrical conduit, steel galvanized pipe (EMT), and are readily available in stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. The trade name for these poles is “thin wall.” They are in the "electrical conduit" aisle. Below are the quantities of poles you need to buy:

40' cage requires 23 poles
50' cage requires 28 poles
60' cage requires 33 poles
70' cage requires 38 poles.