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Get in Shape for 2018

Get in Shape for 2018

Players are you ready for your team selection process? Do you need to get in shape? While it is still cold in many parts of the U.S., we still have snow on the ground here in Idaho, teams are forming all over the country. Leagues are getting their coaches together for meetings and getting ready to select their teams. Players need to be ready. Remember to stretch and warm up before throwing. Warm up your muscles first. Especially in colder climates.


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Start your throws from not too far a distance, say 50' or so. Then gradually move apart and throw farther and farther. Step and throw to your target. Receivers make a good target. Practice accuracy. Coaches like those who can not only throw well, but also throw accurately. Receivers move to the ball, move your feet. There are many practice drills where you can move to get your body in front of the ball. Don't be lazy. Coaches like players who hustle. Not all layers have the same amount of talent, but everyone can hustle. Have some fun while at it. Get with a friend and make a competition out of it. Try to throw and receive without any throwing or receiving errors. Make a game out of it. For example, a bad throw, the thrower goes after the ball. A missed catch, the receiver goes after the ball. Try to set a goal of no misses in 10 throws, if that is too easy, make it 20. Speed it up, make it faster and faster.


Practice receiving ground balls too. Get your body so you are in front of the ball. Bend at the waist, feet apart in the standard defensive position, glove on the ground, throwing hand on top, like an alligator. Bring the ball to your throwing side. Receive the ball, step and throw.


Practice from a tee at first. Get in shape taking by taking a lot of cuts. A Wheelhouse Batting Cage can make this a lot of fun and keep you from chasing balls all over the place! These cages are portable and can be taken out to a practice field. They go up in a few minutes with help from the team. Two people can put them up in about 15 minutes. A lot of travel teams buy them for use on the road, but you can get one for your own backyard. They aren't that expensive and if you count up all the money you have spent coin operated machines you could have paid for one of these cages in about year. You should have a nice place to practice with your $300 bat! With a Wheelhouse Batting Cage you can easily get 200-300 extra cuts a day by having one of these in your own backyard. You will get better and better just by practicing. It is hard, if not impossible, to get that many cuts while on a team during practice.

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