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  • Christmas 2019

    Christmas 2019

    Christmas with Family I haven't written in quite sometime. But as we hurl headlong into another Christmas season I want to hope for you and your family a wonderful season. Spend time with your family. If you can't, give them...

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  • Ah yes, the ALL STAR Team!

      By now, late March, 2018, most teams have been chosen and you are already practicing or playing games. This brings up a pet peeve of mine - baseball starting early with not that many games so the league can...

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  • Get in Shape for 2018

    Get in Shape for 2018

    Players are you ready for your team selection process? Do you need to get in shape? While it is still cold in many parts of the U.S., we still have snow on the ground here in Idaho, teams are forming...

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  • Spring Training 2018

    Spring Training 2018

    Are you ready for Spring Training 2018? Coaches are you ready for the upcoming spring training season? Coaches come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. I'm more interested in those that coach the younger players, ages 8-12. You have...

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  • USS Tennessee and USS Arizona

    Pearl Harbor

    PEARL HARBOR A day that will live in infamy - December 7, 1941   Below are some excerpts from my father's Pearl Harbor Survivor book. Fair warning some of the description of what happened is pretty graphic and disturbing. USS...

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  • Jose Altuve - 2017 AL MVP

    Jose Altuve - 2017 AL MVP

    Jose Altuve Wins 2017 AL MVP Award What a pleasure to see Jose win this award. I'm a big fan of Jose. While I'm a Settle Mariner's fan, I love watching him play. He never gives up, hustling all the...

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  • The Big Unit - Randy Johnson

    The Big Unit - Randy Johnson

    THE BIG UNIT - RANDY JOHNSON  Randy Johnson Probably no one put more fear into left handed batters in recent history than "The Big Unit", Randy Johnson. Standing 6' 10" tall with a blistering fastball reaching over 100 mph many...

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  • Buying a Batting Cage – Part Deux

    Buying a Batting Cage – Part Deux

    Tips on buying a batting cage (revisited) Sorry I got carried away with this post... Type of netting. Netting is absolutely the most important part of your cage. It is the most expensive and you want to make sure you...

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  • Buying a Batting Cage - Part 1

    Buying a Batting Cage - Part 1

    Tips on buying a batting cage Years ago it was pretty much out of "regular" folk's budget to own a batting cage. They ran anywhere form $2500-3500. They were permanent, with concrete to pour and a very heavy structure to...

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