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Assembly Setup

Assembly Setup of batting cage.

These snapshots show the assembly setup of a Wheelhouse batting cage. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes once you get the hang of it. It comes down even faster. Follow these snapshots to erect your cage quickly. You get better and faster with time. While one person can do it, we do recommend that a minimum of two assemble the cage. It's just a lot easier when you lift up the side. There is a lot less sag with two or more people spread out.

Tips for easier assembly setup and take down

  1. Check your packing list. Make sure you have what we said we'd send.
  2. Lay out poles approximately where cage should go.
  3. Place the connectors next to all joints of the poles.
  4. Start building the roof. Connect the poles to the roof and corner connectors.
  5. Close-up of roof corner connector. Notice the "greater than 90 degree" is on the end. The top and side are 90 degrees.
  6. Lift up one side and insert all the leg poles. Take out the leg pole bolts and save them. You won't need a ladder to assemble/disassemble.
  7. This is what it should look like before the net is over the frame.
  8. Stretch the net along side of roof that is on the ground.
  9. Drag the net over the frame until it reaches the other side of the ground.
  10. Find the corner of the net. Line it up with the corner in the air. Do this on both ends. The pole on my left is the roof. The pole on my right is the leg pole.
  11. Lift up side on ground and insert leg poles under netting and into the connectors. Two or more people is best here. Spread out to prevent sag of poles.
  12. Once you have two leg poles in, it is easy to finish. The leg poles will slide in and the weight of the roof and the net will hold everything down.
  13. Preliminary inspection. Check that the corners of the net match the corners of the roof. Pull the net from side to side, so there is plenty of net on the ground.
  14. Final inspection. Adjust the net where needed.
  15. You're done! Start hitting and enjoy!
  16. And hit some more.
  17. The sun setting, what could be more fun than to end the day by hitting.
  18. Order one now be hitting within a week. Enjoy it for years.
One is we remove the bolts for the leg poles. The weight of the roof and netting hold everything down. You won't need ladder to put up or take down. To take it down use a bat handle or broom stick to lift up on the roof poles and the leg poles will fall to the ground. When placing the poles on the ground for the cage layout, give yourself some room from a wall or fence, four or five feet should be good. The final location of the cage will shift when you lift up the sides and insert the leg poles. Another tip, we use a 7/16" socket wrench, it's a lot faster than an open ended wrench. Don't over tighten the bolts. They are made of soft material and can break off. Once snug, go another 1/2 turn. You just need enough force to hold the poles in place.

Orientation of corner connector

The final piece of advice for the assembly setup is the orientation of the corner connectors. See the 5th snapshot below. When you stand at the end of the cage, the greater than 90 degree should be on the end. While this not critical to the integrity of the cage, its appearance will be more aesthetically appealing. If you get the corner connector turned the wrong way, your end leg pole will go "backyards" and not "outwards." Hope that makes sense. Click here to watch a video of the assembly setup.