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Howard J. Lamade Ranks Among the Best Stadiums

A favorite weekend activity for many is spending a Saturday afternoon outside, getting some fresh air while you watch your son or daughter’s Little League game. Thanks to league fees combined with local sponsors and donations, your town’s youth baseball and softball diamond is a formidable venue for your kiddos to get out there swinging.

While we all enjoy our evenings and weekends at the Little League field, you might not exactly consider a youth sports venue to be the same kind of destination as professional ball fields and stadiums.

Bleacher Report begs to differ. Recently the online sports media outlet released their list of the 15 Best Outdoor Venues in Sports, and while you probably have some solid guesses as to which stadiums made the cut, you might not have guessed that one of our very own Little League fields would be ranked among some of the greatest venues in professional sports!

Checking in at number 13 on the list is Howard J. Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Widely known as the home of the Little League World Series every year since 1959, this stadium and every hardworking athlete in it is getting some well-deserved recognition from the reporters at B/R.

Regarding his choice for the 13 spot on the list, Featured Columnist Nick Dimengo said that “the passion from these young athletes is something that everyone can admire.” Ain’t that the truth - without fail, each of the 45,000 seats at the stadium is occupied each year for the Little League World Series.

Alongside Little League’s home stadium in Williamsport, also on this list of the 15 Best are some of the greatest MLB venues to see a ball game. Only three spots ahead of Howard J., Yankee Stadium holds the number 10 spot, with Fenway Park ranked 6th.

In order to make it from the sandlot to the LL World Series in Williamsport and eventually to the Majors takes a lot of practice time. Until then, the backyard is your batting cage and your hometown field is your Yankee Stadium. Play ball!

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