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First Pitch XL Pitching Machine

Mastering fielding skills with First Pitch XL

Mastering fielding skills with First Pitch XL

FP-XL-2TWhile the best defense might be a strong offense, there is more to baseball than just swinging a bat. For any given player, more than half the game is defense, and the most fundamental skill for defensive plays is being able to make that initial catch. Whether it is a pitch, a pop fly, or a line drive. As with anything, practice makes perfect when it comes to catching a baseball. As important as it is for players to hit homeruns is their ability to prevent opposing runners from getting on base. Since there are only so many hours of baseball practice scheduled in a week, you’ll have to put some extra time in to really sharpen that competitive edge. So let’s break in that mitt! The right pitching machine can be aimed in such a way to simulate all different kinds of possible baseball trajectories, including pop flies, line drives, and ground balls. A favorite machine for this type of fielding practice is the First Pitch XL. This model offers easily adjustable 360 degree rotation with a precision dampening lock to ensure safety while you practice. Perfect for use with baseballs and softballs, the First Pitch XL has a speed range from 0-80 mph. A great investment, especially if your son or daughter has some room to grow as a player. Aim the machine to the sky to practice getting under pop flies, seeing them right into your glove. Mastering the quick catch-to-throw transition is essential to keeping opposing runners from advancing into scoring position. When practicing solo, a pitching machine and batting cage make the perfect ‘teammates’ to throw and catch with you. Once you’ve mastered pop flies, work on maneuvering line drives and even ground balls by simply angling the First Pitch XL downward and lowering the legs. First Pitch XL automatic pitching machine meets all of your practice needs - baseball or softball, offense of defense. Get one today with free shipping from Cages Plus!
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