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Springtime: Time for Batting Practice

Springtime: Time for Batting Practice

Springtime: Time for Batting Practice

It has been an exceptionally cold winter so far. Polar blasts and arctic vortices that have brought unrelenting snow and cold to just about every corner of the US, and subzero temperatures have made leaving the house a total drag.

2150-2TWhen the winter days are short and the mornings dark, parents know that getting kids up and out of bed in the morning can be quite the challenge - but keeping them active in spite of the oppressive cold is whole different obstacle.

With the recent dangerous wind chill temperatures, parents hesitate to send children outside to play lest they be frost bitten or catch cold. When kept indoors as a result, kids often gravitate toward the couch for TV and video games.

After spending a relatively sedentary few months sheltered from the biting winter cold, you and your kids will be itching for the spring softball and baseball seasons to start up this year!

Since the kids are already bursting with anticipation to start swinging a bat again (unless the broken vase in your dining room is evidence that they never gave it rest…), be sure that your backyard batting cage is ready in time for that first thaw. That way you can send them outside for their first day of spring training at the first sign of snow melt!

Readiness means either investing in a new backyard batting cage, or checking on the condition of the one you already have. Whether buying a whole new setup or replacing a few existing parts, Cages*Plus, maker of Wheelhouse Batting Cages, can help.

If you already own a backyard pitching machine, then seeing that it is in working order should be your first step in preparing for little league spring training in your backyard. Whether the cage netting was out in the yard over the winter or tucked away in a shed or garage, look it over for any holes or tears. Rodents, winter winds, and heavy snow can all be equally damaging to a home batting cage.

Registration deadlines for organizations like Little League and Babe Ruth are approaching, so be ready to get out there and get swinging. Cages*Plus will ship batting cages and pitching machines directly to your door for easy home assembly, so your kids won’t miss a day of practice this year! Our cages are family affordable, durable, and a lot of fun. Don't let your neighbors in the sunshine states get the edge! Order one today and be hitting within a week.
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