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Throwing and Catching Drill

Throwing and Catching Drill

Throwing and Catching Drill

Here is a drill we would run on occasion for our younger players, probably in the age range of 9-14. It practices catching and throwing with accuracy and speed and mixes in some running as well. Ability levels can vary, but your players should be skilled enough to throw and catch reasonably well. This drill can get frustrating if too many players cannot throw accurately and cannot catch well.

Divide your team in groups of 3 or 4. Nor more than 5 to a group. Try and make them even as this is a timing drill. So you may need an assistant coach or team dad to fill out one of the teams. Have each team stand in a line approximately 30-40' from the next team mate. Each team about 20-30' from each other team. So you have about 4 long lines with 4-5 players in each line. All players face the front. All players have a glove. The lead player has a ball.

  1. The first player in line turns and throws the ball to the second player in line, who turns and throws to the third player, etc.
  2. When the ball reaches the last player in line, the last player returns the throw to the previous player and so on until the first player in line has the ball again.
  3. The first player puts the ball on the ground and runs to where the last player in line was.
  4. All the other players run to the spot where the previous player was. Now the new first player throws to the second player, etc That is, repeat steps 1-3.
  5. When the original first player is back at the front of the line that team stops. They can either all sit down or all raise their hands.

The first team to do this is the winner. Keep going until the last team is done. Team members should encourage one another and when one team is finished they should encourage the other teams to finish. What you award as a prize is up to you, but bragging rights go along way! Also, depending on age and ability, you may make the line shorter so they throws are not as long. Older and higher ability teams should make the throws longer.

One important rule: The one who throws an errant ball and causes the receiver to miss must go after the ball. The thrower has to go after the ball and return to his spot before he can throw again. Not only does it encourage speed, but accuracy. It also keeps everyone moving and doing some running, to stay in shape.

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