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Personal Comments

Some Personal Comments, History, and Suggestions.

Here are some personal comments regarding our history and some suggestions when you are looking for a batting cage. We started Wheelhouse in 1998 and our history has been interesting and exciting. We have sold our batting cages in all 50 states and Washington, DC. Our cages have sold internationally as well. We have cages in Australia, Canada, Curacao, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and the Virgin Islands.

Ask Questions

More and more companies are copying our idea, some are making subtle changes. You, as the consumer, should be aware of what you are getting. For example, a prospect called, who became a client, saying that one of our competitors was offering a batting cage similar to Wheelhouse and at a cheaper price. They were even going to throw in the L-screen for free. Investigating further, we found out they were offering poly net rather than knotted nylon. Poly net is quite a bit weaker and cheaper than knotted nylon. Knotted nylon is a lot more durable than poly net. See discussion on the Details page. Since we started in 1998, we have never had a water problem, UV deterioration, or any breakage of our net. Knotted nylon is easy to repair. So when shopping make sure to compare what you are getting. Ask a lot of questions.


Here are some suggestions about accessories for your batting cage. Some of the competition provides leaded rope, others sell backdrops, still others offer other things for sale. We're cheap, sorry frugal, and try to find inexpensive alternatives. Leaded rope is expensive and heavy to ship. We used to offer it, but now we make our net wider. It is 36' wide and the perimeter of the frame is only 30', so there is 3' of overhang all the way around. But if you still feel you need something, try a simple garden hose. It is much cheaper than leaded rope and will do the same thing - provide a little extra weight on the net so it won't blow around as much in wind. Some companies offer expensive backdrops. One suggestion is an inexpensive piece of carpet. Hang it from the roof corner connectors.

Windy climate

Because our batting cages are free standing and lightweight, wind is the one weakness of our system. Strong cross winds can actually tip over the cage. If you can put the batting cage near a barrier like house, fence, or trees, wind should not be an issue. If you are in a windy climate and your cage is in the wide open space our suggestions is to anchor down the cage in some fashion. See question 15 on the FAQ page.

Wheelhouse Batting Cages are good but not perfect and may not be for everyone. However, we think we have made an exceptional product and people feel they are getting very good value for the dollar they spend. We also provide excellent customer service and support.