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Wheelhouse Commitment to You

Wheelhouse Commitment to You

Here is what we mean by the Wheelhouse Commitment - satisfying you, the customer. This is of paramount importance to us. We will do our best to earn your trust, make you a satisfied customer, and provide you with the best customer service possible. Thanks for considering us for your business.


As a small company we cannot afford unhappy clients. We believe our batting cage is a superior product to what our competitors offer, but we also know that our service is what sets us a cut above the rest. We answer the phone and respond to e-mails. You have zero risk with our cages as we offer a one year warranty. If you aren't happy then we aren't happy and we will do anything to resolve the situation, even if that means replacing defective components.

More and more companies are copying our idea, some are making subtle changes. You, as the consumer, should be aware of what you are getting. Ask a lot of questions, regardless of whether you're dealing with us or someone else. We are always forthright and honest. We will not sacrifice integrity to get a sale.


Our batting cages are not perfect and may not be for everyone. However we feel we have made a good product that can last you for years to come. Additionally, people feel they are getting very good value for the dollar they spend. We provide excellent customer service and support. We want your business and we want you to refer us to everyone you know. The only way that can happen is if you can trust us. So we will do everything we can to gain and keep your trust, in our products and in our company. That's the Wheelhouse commitment to you.