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Wheelhouse Policies


Privacy Policy -- We have three Wheelhouse policies listed here. The most important to you, the client, is your privacy. We do not sell names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses under any circumstances. Some prospects have requested to talk to a reference from time to time. In that situation we get permission from the client before we give out any client information. We do not give out names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses to anyone unless we get permission from the client first.

Warranty Policy -- Of the three Wheelhouse policies listed here, our warranty is probably the second most valuable. We warranty the net, L-screen, and connectors for one year from date of purchase. The warranty covers baseball/softball related use. We do not warranty non-baseball/softball activities: lawn mower damage, animals chewing holes in the net, etc. We will send scraps we have on hand to repair the net in those non-sports related instances. There may be a nominal charge for such scraps.

Return Policy

If the product isn't defective, but you change your mind, we will still accept returns on stock items. Items must be returned to us within 15 days and the product must be unused. We will reimburse you for the price you paid less a nominal 15% restocking charge. Naturally we don't reimburse your shipping charges.

In case of defects

Our policy is to promptly and enthusiastically repair or replace at our option any product that is defective in materials or workmanship. Return the product to us, and we will pay for the shipping back to you. Netting products do incur normal wear and tear, which is not considered a defect. If we, at our sole discretion determine that the product is not demonstrably defective, we will not provide a call tag.

Inspect your Delivery 
If we don’t hear from you within 45 days of delivery, we will consider that silence your acknowledgment that the order was delivered correctly. Please inspect your delivery immediately upon its delivery so that we can identify problems or shortages.

No returns will be accepted without prior approval.