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ABCA 2015 - Orlando, FL

ABCA 2015 - Orlando, FL

The American Baseball Coaches Association Convention for 2015 was held in Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL from Jan 2-5, 2015. It was attended by over 4,000 coaches from all across the country. I even met some folks from South Africa. One of the ABCA board members told me that all the exhibit space was sold out. Being a vendor we are on the lookout for new products and new ideas. This year was no disappointment.Gtee Batting Tee 22-41 A new product we are now offering is the G Tee Batting Tee. One is the G Tee Batting Tee. This is an excellent tool. Made in the USA. It is very high quality. There are two varieties of these Tees. One, the GT2241 extends from 22" to 41" and sells for $115. The other, the GT2653 extends from 26" to 53" and sells for $119. Both have optional 5 and 10 pound weights that can be added for better stability, which run $15 and $20 respectively. You should consider adding to your list of "must buy."

It seemed high tech was the buzz word around the exhibit hall this year. One newcomer was They make a sensor that fits on the end of your bat, tennis racket, or golf glove. zeppIt tracks all sorts of data. It retails for $149.99. It will show your swing, time to impact, angle at impact, bat speed, and many other important facts. It will also compare your data to the pros. It connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone or iPad and that software is a free download.

I'm still impressed by Sports Tutor Pitching machines. Their Home Plate is the Cadillac of pitching machines. You can program any pitch at any time with amazing accuracy. It does carry a hefty price tag at over $7,000. They do offer some less expensive options that still do quite a bit. Jim Joyner of Allstar Video Pitching Simulators may be coming out with a video system that is affordable for the family soon. Keep on the look-out. It would fit in nicely with our Wheelhouse Batting Cage system. If you are in the market for a batting cage, we have an affordable solution that fits in your backyard and is portable. Order one today and be hitting within a week. Hope you have a wonderful 2015 and a great 2015 baseball season.
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