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Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Sold At Auction

Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Sold At Auction

Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Sold At Auction

This year marks the 119th anniversary of the birth of George Herman Ruth, the late great baseball legend. This year for the Great Bambino’s birthday, the legendary baseball signed for little Johnny Sylvester went to auction. On February 6th, the ball sold for a staggering $250,641.

While you may be able to put a price on a baseball, the story behind this particular ball is truly priceless. In October of 1926, eleven-year-old Johnny Sylvester was suffering from complications from a recent horseback riding accident. As he fought a number of life-threatening ailments, the boy’s family decided to make the best of what they believed to be his waning days.

Knowing that his son was a big fan of baseball, his father contacted Johnny’s favorite player in an effort to lift his spirits. Babe Ruth, who was in St. Louis with the Yankees in the midst of the 1926 World Series, was moved by little Johnny’s story.

Determined to make a difference in a dying boy’s life, Babe Ruth sent a package to Johnny Sylvester’s bedside. Inside was the now famous signed baseball promising that the Babe would “knock a homer” in for Johnny during Game 4 of the the World Series.

The Sultan of Swat more than made good on his promise, launching three balls over the fence during that game. After these famous “called shots,” legend has it that Johnny Sylvester beat the odds by getting healthy again.

The ball that was a reason for Johnny Sylvester to keep living in 1926 is now the most famous signed baseball in history. To celebrate Babe Ruth’s birthday this year, share this story with a young baseball fan in your life!
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