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The Countdown to MLB Spring Training

The Countdown to MLB Spring Training

The Countdown to MLB Spring Training

Chances are, your Little League star is also a big MLB fan. And this time of year, spring training is all any fan can think about. No matter who it is that your little guy or gal roots for, everyone’s favorite team is starting to gear up for spring training!

bs1Most recently, reported that the Tampa Bay Rays have packed up all their equipment, ready to head to Port Charlotte in two weeks time for pitchers and catchers training. Excited fans are buzzing about everything from the TB’s newest spring training uniforms to who will appear on their 62-man spring training roster.

As training day approaches, the Ray’s aren’t the only ones thinking about the upcoming exhibition. Recently, The New York Yankees Tweeted about their own ever-growing anticipation:

“The only thing anyone can think about. #SpringTraining.”

Spring training is the exciting time for baseball fans when we get to sneak an early peek at the lineups for our favorite teams; a time when management and fans alike can get a glimpse of the newest MLB talent. Spring exhibition games are first broadcasts of the new season, showcasing fresh lineups and stirring up enthusiasm for the regular season.

Now, as the snow melts and Major League players starting winding up for their big season, the start of Little League baseball season is also close on the horizon. As the kids get hyped up for the first pitch of the MLB season, they’ll be just as excited to swing at the first pitch on the Little League diamond!

Remember: spring training for your son or daughter starts in your backyard! Embrace their youthful spirit and enthusiasm with a home batting cage!
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