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No More Broken Windows!

As a parent, you remember your child’s first game of catch like it was yesterday. Keep your eye on the ball, you said. It was such a proud moment when your little ball player threw it back to you, full of confidence. Even though the toss came up a little short, you only had to take a small step forward to catch it. It seemed like the two of you threw for hours that afternoon, making huge strides with each throw and catch.

It didn’t take long before that little arm started to really pack a punch. You kept backing up for the long throws, but even then your kiddo could make the baseball sting through your leather mitt. That’s around when you decided it was time to learn to swing a bat.

Keep your eye on the ball, you prompted. After a couple enthusiastic swings-and-misses, you both got the timing down, and that first time the bat made contact with the ball was a beautiful moment for the both of you, one you won’t soon forget. What an arm, what a swing! You've got a natural ball player on your hands for sure.

cageview2Your little one was always so quick to learn, picking up new skills and mastering them has always been a breeze. You were proud and emotional over all the “firsts.” Now, those initial benchmarks are a few seasons behind you, and this latest “first” isn’t quite so sweet. The first baseball to break a window in your home isn’t usually a memory worth scrapbooking.

When it comes to kids and baseball, it’s usually love at first throw. From then on, you can be sure that your backyard will forever be the impromptu diamond, batting cage, and bullpen. While a passion for an activity that is fun, active, and constructive is the kind of thing you want to support and encourage unconditionally, you certainly can’t afford to be regularly replacing windows!

At this rate, this broken pane is probably the first of many to come. Kids grow up fast, and with their increased stature comes growing strength as well as growing passion for their favorite sport. The last thing you want to do is ban baseball from your backyard, so what can you do to prevent their daily home run derby from ruining your home? You guessed it - put up a batting cage!

A one time investment in a home batting cage will help you prevent the need to constantly shell out cash for replacement windows, and it will make your backyard a destination for fun! Win/win! Protect your home from the backyard home run derby while encouraging your kids to have fun being active. Keep those memorable baseball moments coming!

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