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Burning Calories at the Batting Cage

TXRockwall2Taking practice swings at a batting cage is fun and healthy—but batting cages can do more for your physical fitness than meets the eye! Of course, what you get will be a product of what you put in, and the harder you work while practicing hitting, the more benefit you will get. And for those looking to burn calories or just get more exercise, you can enhance a standard batting cage session to make a fun alternative to baseball practice or a gym workout. There are some nifty ways to maximize the benefits of batting, and Wheelhouse is happy to pass on some tips.

Obviously, hitting the ball and the motion of swinging are two major calorie-burning activities. An adult of average weight will, on average, burn between two hundred and three hundred calories per hour while swinging and hitting in a cage! Youths can expect to burn one hundred calories per hour. This is a great level of intensity for an anaerobic exercise, so head to the cages to get fit!

However, it is good to mix in some other activities when batting to get a more complete workout. Not only will this increase the intensity of the workout, it can also bring the experience closer to simulating a full baseball training session! Doing some sprints before you start batting, whether you’re at a batting cage facility or enjoying your fine Wheelhouse batting cage from home, can be a great aerobic warm-up and can substitute for the experience of running bases and chasing fly balls!

The benefits of adding sprints onto a batting cage session are tangible. A full-grown adult, with just fifteen minutes of seven-mile per hour sprinting, can burn a full one hundred and eighty calories! Younger batters can burn at least sixty. It’s a great way to liven up a standard day at the cages. If you do not have room to sprint at the facility, jumping jacks are a great replacement activity.

There are some more sophisticated tricks to enhance calorie-burning at the cages. If you add wrist weights while taking swings, you can quickly increase the work you are performing. Consider that, for every five pounds of weight you add, you are burning an extra ten calories per hour! It’s a sneaky way to burn some extra calories off.

However you approach the batting cages, Wheelhouse is the place to get yours. We’ve delivered all over the globe and have satisfied customers in every U.S. state. Take a look at our deals today!
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