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Major League Training in the Cages

Major League Training in the Cages

ssg_ryancageBatting cages are a fun and popular activity for people from all walks of life—from elite athletes to children to working adults looking to get fit. The approach of a pro to the batting cage experience, of course, is very different from that of the typical amateur. If you want to elevate your hitting game or have ever wondered how to get the pro experience in the cage, you are in luck! Big League Prep made a list of a typical routine for a top-level baseball pro, and here are some highlights.

The ultimate batting routine includes daily batting practice. There is, of course, no better way to do this than with your own cage, and Wheelhouse Batting Cages can certainly provide that! But the will and determination to get in the cage and take swings on a daily basis is up to you.

It is ideal to diversify the swings you take in the cage by breaking up your routine into several rounds of different activities. Let’s start with round one—remember, keep swinging until you make a quality hit! Make three sacrifice bunts, three hit-and-runs (really, run!), three bunts for regular base hits, and three ground balls to the right side.

Then comes round two—start with three more hit-and-runs. Then hit three aimed at going behind the first and second basemen; it’s hard to do it exactly right each time, so do your best. Then make three “Score ‘Em” hits—these can be fly balls, or whatever else you could do in a game situation to get a runner from third or even second home safe!

Round three can be your final “mixed bag” round before the standard swinging rounds. Make three sacrifice flies, four opposite field line drives, four ground balls, and three squeeze bunts. This can also be two separate rounds, with some standard swings mixed in.

By now you’ve done almost all of the standard hits a baseball player will need to connect on in-game—so it’s time to knock some out of the park! Do fifty quality at-bat swings—or set a number of at-bat hits to strive for.

Keep good form throughout the routine—don’t swing at balls thrown out of the strike zone, master your swinging form, and have fun!

Of course, it’s hard to get all of the ideal repetitions in without your own batting cage. So get one from Wheelhouse Batting Cages today!

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