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MLB Role Models in Arizona

MLB Role Models in Arizona

Every child needs a role model - an important part of growing up is having someone to look up to who inspires kids to be the best they can be. In the world of youth sports, learning to be a good sport is just as important as mastering essential skills. To this end, major league baseball players recently took to the field with a group of enthusiastic Arizona little leaguers for a lesson in both skills and sportsmanship.

Together with Arizona Diamondbacks players and mascot Baxter the Bobcat, Ahwatukee little leaguers enjoyed a fun Saturday afternoon of baseball at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. According to a local news source, D-Back players Brad Ziegler, Didi Gregorius, A.J. Pollock, and Cody Ross participated in the late February outing, joining two teams of eager little leaguers from southern Arizona to work on baseball basics.

"I remember when I was their age playing ball, and guys came out and helped me," Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorious said of the Saturday exhibition. "For me being here with them was just amazing. Maybe they can be the future D-backs. You never know." 

Thanks to their generous MLB mentors, the Ahwatukee little league teams are sporting new jerseys this year. Having saved money on the cost of uniforms, the league was able to invest in some important renovations to their field this year as well as lowering registration costs for their players.

The start the Arizona little league season was a grand slam thanks to their MLB mentors. But while you can’t beat sharing the diamond with your major league heroes, you don’t have to be a big league ball player to make a difference for your kids.

By getting out for a little batting practice or a game of catch with your little leaguer, you help them master their skills while teaching them the true value the game, win or lose. Of course, a backyard batting cage is always a great tool for sharpening your little athlete’s competitive edge.

Thanks to the suppor tof family, friends, and major league affiliates, there truly is no limit to how far our kids can go. Not every child will play in the majors, but by believing in our kids both on and off the field, we give them the support they need to succeed in life.
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