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Pitching Machines: a Modern Touch on Batting Practice

Pitching Machines: a Modern Touch on Batting Practice

b1curve-240x300Though batting cages have been around since the early 20th century, many components of modern batting cages are more recent creations. One of the most indispensable features of a batting cage is a pitching machine, yet these handy devices were only invented in their current form in the 1960s!

Pitching machines are often taken for granted during batting practice, but these are finely-tuned devices. Here is a look at how pitching machines operate, based on the type of machine:

-Scoop machines are a common form of pitching machine. With scoop machines, a ball is loaded by pulleys into a scoop, which is then hydraulically propelled into motion. This approach is designed to closely simulate the motion by which a pitcher throws a baseball. Scoop machines normally continue tossing until the power is turned off or until a pre-programmed count of pitches has been thrown.

-Wheel machines have no scoop—instead, the ball is fed into a set of wheels, which then run forward and jet the ball toward the batter. Wheel machines, depending on the type, may hurl the baseballs either with horizontal or vertical motion. The wheels are powered by hydraulics.

-Cannon pitching machines are built in much the same way as tennis ball launchers. These machines contain a tube, a cannon with a chute, and (once again) hydraulic power. These can launch balls as many as 90 feet.

However, pitching machines have capabilities which extend far beyond their basic workings and functions. Here is a look at a few specific pitching machines available from Wheelhouse Batting Cages, and some features that make them stand out:

-The Bata B1 Curveball PM is a pitching machine for any occasion. As the name suggests, the machine is capable of throwing a tricky curveball, but it can also perform sliders and fastballs up to 70 MPH! This machine weighs only 60 pounds and has a 5-year limited warranty. Find out more!

-The deluxe Sports Tutor TriplePlay Basic is one of our finest batting machines. It is capable of throwing a wide variety of pitches, including fastballs, sinkers, curveballs, and sliders. It can even vary its pitching speed from 30 MPH to 80 MPH! This versatile machine is a great buy for the ambitious baseball player.

-The First Pitch Original tosses balls at a wide range of angles and speeds, depending on the preferences of the batter. 20 MPH to 80 MPH is the normal range. This machine is renowned as one of the most durable in the business, so it will retain both a high level of functionality and high resale value over time! At only $899, it’s a great buy.

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