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Spring Maintenance: Time for a Durable Batting Cage

Once the grass in the yard is visible again, that means it’s finally time to play outside again! But first you’ll have to give your backyard a much needed spring cleanup. The kids will be eager to get outside and start throwing the baseball and swinging the bat again, so the pressure is on to tidy up quickly for playtime.

Outdoor fixtures have certainly taking a heavy beating during what has been a particularly long winter of heavy snowfalls, ripping ice storms, and biting winds. If your backyard batting cage was out in the cold all winter long, it’s going to need a thorough inspection before it’s ready to catch any stray balls this season.

The whole purpose of a batting cage is to ensure players get the most out of training without wasting time and energy chasing the ball. You can be sure that any netting that has been worn out by winter weather won’t provide a reliable backstop for backyard batting practice this year.

Typical home batting cages composed of poly netting age especially rapidly when left out in the elements, becoming brittle and prone to holes and tears. While minor rips can be repaired, patching up the damage offers at best only a temporary fix. Even when well-maintained and stored properly during the off season, poly netting does not stand the test of time the way heavy-duty nylon does.

High tenacity knotted nylon netting from Cages Plus are the perfect alternative to poly, a material more vulnerable to the elements. Nylon nets are on average 72-125% stronger than their poly counterparts, with the strongest models withstanding up to 1520 pounds per mesh. For a long-lasting backyard investment that will serve you for many baseball seasons to come, upgrade to a knotted nylon home batting cage.

As springtime comes into bloom, the start of baseball season is right around the corner. By taking the extra time to inspect the quality of your batting cage early this spring, you will save yourself and your kids from wasting valuable training time chasing stray balls later on.

If your old batting cage is falling apart in the backyard, it might be time to consider a more durable alternative from Cages Plus. These home batting cage solutions are designed with portability in mind, so when the snow flies again simply pack yours up in a cool dry storage location to avoid winter weather damage. However, even our most lightweight nets are built to last.

The sooner your order your new batting cage from Wheelhouse Batting Cages, the sooner you’ll be holding batting practice in your backyard!

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