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Warm Up at Your Local Indoor Batting Cages

Warm Up at Your Local Indoor Batting Cages

Warm Up at Your Local Indoor Batting Cages

The month of March has a reputation: in like a lion, out like a lamb. We’re more than halfway through the month, and many of us are still waiting on the warm, soft weather to float in. With Spring Training season now begun in the Majors, and with youth baseball registration well underway, your little guys are probably itching to get their hands on a baseball bat right about now. But with snow and ice reluctant to melt in many parts of the country, the weather remains too frightful for outdoor play.

a20791f12c70e25f1bb13c_mWhen regularly scheduled MLB games - whether during spring training or regular season - are headed off by nasty weather, players can’t afford to miss a beat lest they lose their competitive edge. Even sunny Florida is seeing crummy weather this time of year, and when unrelenting downpours led to the cancellation of a recent matchup between the Pirates and the Yankees, players headed indoors to stay on top of their game.

Indoor batting cages are a climate controlled destination for major leaguers looking to stay warm and dry while working on their pitching, hitting, and fielding skills. Pittsburgh and New York pitchers took to the cages after the recent rain out for a 5-inning/75-pitch simulation game indoors to avoid missing a valuable day in the spring training rotation.

But indoor cages aren’t just for major league pitchers like Hiroki Kuroda and Stolmy Pimentel - Little Leaguers can benefit just as much from swinging and catching out of the elements.

Many youth players are following the lead of their MLB role models by taking to the indoor cages rather waiting idly for warm weather. It looks like you and your little ball player will have to wait a little while longer, patiently or not, for baseball weather to finally arrive. Until you are finally able to erect your home batting cage in your backyard, start swinging indoors to keep spirits up!

Wheelhouse Batting Cages are just as great for indoor training as they are outdoors. Setup is quick and easy, so transforming your local gym or recreation space into an indoor space for early season batting practice is a breeze!

Just a few hours a week in front of an indoor pitching machine will get your kids ready for 2014 season by helping chip the winter rust off their fundamental skills. It’s not too early (or too late) to start warming up for baseball season!

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