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#42 HDPE Batting Cage Nets


#42 HDPE batting cage nets.  Free shipping in continental United States.

#42 HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene)

This cage net, with #42 HDPE netting, has UV protection molded right into the fibers. Since these batting cage nets are UV stabilized, they hold up well to sunlight and moisture.  Polyethylene does not absorb water, thus an excellent choice for outdoor applications.  Since HDPE netting is quite a bit less expensive than Nylon, these cages make great entry level economical cages and should last between 4-5 years.  Note that #42 is about as strong as our #21 knotted nylon cages (#42 HDPE burst strength of 220 pounds vs #21 knotted nylon burst strength of 209 pounds).  We don't carry #42 knotted nylon, but our #36 knotted nylon is quite a bit stronger than the #42 HDPE.  Compare our #36 nylon of 380 pound burst strength vs the #42 HDPE burst strength of 220 pounds.  Click here for our premium batting cages.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Heavy rope borders on top, bottom, and vertical corners
  • Hung on the square
  • One overlap door on end
  • Posi-Lock Stitching on all rope borders.
  • Rib line down the center for extra suspension points
  • 6′ tails each upper corner
  • Burst strength of #42 HDPE is 220 pounds per mesh or 880 pounds per mesh
  • Compare this to our #36 knotted nylon which has a burst strength of 380 pounds per strand or 1520 pounds per mesh

Options for #42 HDPE:

  • Cage size and length, 12Hx12W, or 12Hx14W, then length 35', 55' or 70' long
  • Next choose if you want our frame connectors or you'll hang it yourself
  • Finally, choose if you want a complete L-screen or not.

Free shipping in the continental United States.