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The Black Keys Make Difference in Ohio

Baseball has been a memorable part of the American lifestyle for generations, and Little League International has played a huge role in bringing baseball to the lives of children worldwide for 75 years running. As a nonprofit organization, Little League Baseball relies heavily on the support of local community volunteers and generous donations, as well as the commitment of players and their families.

Without the dedicated supporters of youth baseball everywhere, many leagues would be forced to charge prohibitive registration fees in order to be able to provide necessary commodities and services such as uniforms and field maintenance. Fortunately for one group of Ohio Little Leaguers, friends in high places are doing more than their share to support their hometown youth baseball program.

Some 25-30 years ago, a couple of kids named Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney took their first swing of a baseball bat in their hometown of West Akron, Ohio. Not unlike the many young baseball lovers before and since then, Dan and Patrick enjoyed spending their spare time outside playing ball, preferring to stay active rather than sit in front of the TV. As they got older, the boys found their true calling through their love of music. Today, we know those two Little League Alumni as The Black Keys.

Though these hugely successful rockstars find themselves a long way from West Akron these days, their hearts are still tied to their Ohio hometown. In an effort to support the baseball program they enjoyed so much in their youth, The Black Keys are promoting the West Akron Baseball League on their band’s website, selling League merchandise and donating the profits to the cause.

With these generous funds, the baseball league of their youth will be able to afford new uniforms, make improvements to their fields and facilities, and minimize registration fees for West Akron families.

"Dan and I played little league when we were kids before we got into music; it was a really positive hobby," Carney told Rolling Stone. "We are proud to be sponsoring W.A.B.L. to hopefully offset some of the league's expenses and get more kids outside having fun."

The thoughtfulness of these celebrity sponsors can attest to the positive impact youth baseball has on young lives. After all the success that The Black Keys have seen on the music scene, it is meaningful that they still fondly remember their time as kids on the diamond and are dedicated to paying that experience forward.

No matter what dream your little guy or gal winds up chasing as an adult, youth baseball is bound to make a lasting positive impact on their lives. To make this happen, kids need the all-star support of their communities and families!

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