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Indoor Use

Extra hitting station
Our cage can be quickly setup for indoor use. Some schools use it for an extra hitting station in the winter time when it is too cold outside. About the only concern is the floor upon which you put the cage. If it is a nice hardwood floor you may need something under the leg poles to protect the floor. The high school images below used “duct tape.” Some have used slit tennis or racket balls. Others have even gotten rubber footings that they use on canes or chairs.

Flexible setup
Some of our clients have set it up in their basement or garage, they are very creative. Some have used cables to hang the net. That way when they are done they can slide the net to one side of the room and use it for something else. Our cage allows you the flexibility for indoor use or outside use. Once the weather has turned nice, take it outside and start hitting. Some snapshots of our cage used indoors in gyms and various facilities. Be sure to see our “Client Snapshots” for more views.