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These photo albums contain snapshots of our batting cages. Peruse the albums. A lot of good baseball. Enjoy.

Assembly Setup. The first album contains still photos of the assembly process. This is helpful to look at when erecting your cage. We also have a video of the assembly on the Videos page. In particular, you can go directly to it on YouTube.

Different Views. This album contains a few snapshots of our cage from various angles. Some of them we had setup at some tournaments. Some are indoor while the majority of them are outdoor shots.

Our Backyard. There are a lot of nostalgic snapshots in this album! This is back when it all started. Notice the blue net in the first few photos. Back then it was only #15 and was still plenty strong. The supplier had to change the blue dip, which was like enamel paint. The EPA shut them down as the paint leeched into the soil during the drying process. All manufacturers today use some sort of latex, water based dip.

Indoor Use. Here are a few shots of our cage being used indoors. The only concern for you the height of your ceiling and the floor upon which it sits. We used duct tape to protect the hardwood floor!

Client Snapshots. These snapshots are provided entirely by our clients. It is rather large and does not contain all the images we have on file. We tried to arrange them by state. These show our cages in all kinds of settings – backyards, gyms, garages, schools, etc. A number of our clients have odd shaped yards and have still been able to fit in our cage. You can see how versatile our batting cages can be!

Perfect Game. In October 2013, we attended a Wooden Bat Tournament hosted by Perfect Game. There were over 400 scouts in golf carts. It was outdoors in beautiful Jupiter, FL at Roger Dean Stadium. Spring training for the Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. In June, 2014 we attended a 13U BCS Finals Tournament in Fort Myers, FL. In October, 2014 we attended the WWBA Underclassmen Tournament, also in Fort Myers, FL.

Cal Ripken. Finally, this album is fun to look at. We helped sponsor The Cal Ripken World Series in 2007 and 2008. This was 11 & 12 year olds on major 70 base pads. Cal Sr’s yard is pretty spectacular as is the “warehouse” replica of Camden Yards in right field. It really is a very nice Marriott hotel.