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Economy Batting Cages

Features and Details

The major feature of Wheelhouse economy batting cages is the price. Our economy batting cages use HDPE netting and are hung on the square. They also include a door. (See our premium batting cages if you want knotted nylon netting). These make great entry-level cages and will last for several years. Our sizes differ from our premium cages as the HDPE batting cages are pre-made. They come in lengths of 35', 55', and 70'. They come with different twine sizes as well, #24, #36, and #42 HDPE. Check which fits your needs best. If you don't already have a frame and want to use our connectors, you will need to buy the frame poles locally. They are 10' 3/4" EMT poles which are readily available at Lowe's, Home Depot, or hardware stores. To get more information click this link: Why Wheelhouse?


The economy batting cages have rope borders, rib lines, and tails, and a door. They are easy to install in an existing 12'W or 14'W frame. In addition, they are rectangular in shape and will fit well with an existing cable system. However, you can use our connectors and install them on our trapezoidal frame. The borders won't match exactly but they will fit nicely on our frame. The 12Hx12W has a 36' wide perimeter and our frame has a 30' perimeter, so it will work just fine. Our premium batting cages have a net width of 36', so 12Hx12W HDPE should fit similarly to our premium netting. The 12Hx14W has a perimeter of 38' and will fit our frame, but a lot more netting will be sitting on the ground.

Choose the Right Batting Cage to Meet Your Needs

The Wheelhouse economy batting cages are pre-made and come in three different lengths. They are flexible enough to fit a variety of spaces and yards of different shapes and sizes, including uneven ground, and indoor as well as outdoor spaces. Choose from the following sizes:
  • 35' (requires 23 poles) - for travel teams and/or small yards
  • 55' (requires 33 poles) - most popular and versatile
  • 70' (requires 38 poles) - best for live hitting with live pitching
Available HDPEnetting options feature the following burst strength:
  • #24 – 148 pounds per strand / 592 pounds per mesh
  • #36 – 204 pounds per strand / 816 pounds per mesh
  • #42 – 220 pounds per strand / 880 pounds per mesh

Nylon is a lot stronger and more flexible than poly net; it will last for years.

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