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Our Backyard

It all started here
This is where it all started in late 1998 – shots of the cage while in our backyard. Daniel would get 200-300 extra cuts in every day after regular high school practice. His high school team took state title his freshman, sophomore, and senior year and second his junior year. He was a hard kid to strike out. This regular practice would help him put the ball in play. He did not like to go down looking at strike three. If you put the ball in play it forces the defense to make a play on you.

Original blue netting!
The first few images from our backyard are back in late 1998 and early 1999, Daniel’s junior and senior year in high school. Notice the blue netting. The UV and water proofing coating was an oil based product and leached the soil. The netting manufacturer was shut down by the EPA. They now use a latex coating. As best I can remember, the “black netting” pictures started around 2003. There are plenty more snapshots in the “Client Snapshots” Gallery. Be sure and look there too.