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3650 Premium Batting Cage


50′ long, #36 netting.  Free shipping.

3650 Premium Batting Cage from Wheelhouse

Our 3650 premium batting cage with heavy duty #36 grade netting comes with a complete L-Screen and all frame connectors (8 sides, 4 corners).  Everything is included except the frame poles.  This length cage is our most popular size.  The heavy duty net works well for high school and college age players.  It also works well for team use.  It travels well too.  The burst strength of the #36 knotted nylon is 380 pounds per strand or 1,520 pounds per mesh, no one hits a single strand!

First of all, the dimensions of our trapezoidal 3650 premium batting cage are 50' long, 10' tall, 10' wide at the top, and 14' wide at the bottom.  The width of the netting is 36'.  Since the perimeter of the frame is only 30', there is plenty of net overhang, so balls won't escape.

In addition, travel teams make excellent use of these cages.  If you want to consider the standard grade #21 knotted nylon netting see our 2150 premium batting cage.

There is free shipping in the continental United States, extra to AK, HI, and Canada.

Because shipping is so expensive, you will need to buy 28 frame poles locally.  These are 3/4″ electrical conduit.  They are standard 10′ long, ready to go off the shelf, and available at places like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Compare #42 HDPE vs our 3650 premium batting cage:  The burst strength of the #42 HDPE is only 220 pounds per strand.  Compare that to our 380 burst strength for our #36.  Nylon is a lot stronger and more flexible than poly net.  We do sell HDPE netting on our economy batting cages.