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  • Kevlar baseball

    Baseballs - Real (low seam kevlar)


    Works well in Sports Tutor machines. 9" Kevlar Baseballs Machine real 9” leather baseball specially made for pitching machines. The low Kevlar seam...

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  • Save $70.00

    Bata 1

    Original price $1,299.00
    Current price $1,229.00

    Throws up to 62mph. Great for younger ages. Bata 1 Pitching Machine Our economical BATA 1 Pitching Machine for baseball and softball throws perfect...

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  • Bata 1 Twin Pitch PM


    You can set up the BATA 1 Twin Pitch to throw a fastball and change up, or two fastballs in different locations. Bata 1 Twin Pitch Imagine you're p...

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  • Bata 2 PM


    Can throw any type of pitch. Maximum speed exceeds 100mph. Bata 2 Pitching machine The versatile BATA 2 Baseball Pitching Machine and the BATA 2 So...

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  • Bata Autoloader


    Bata Autoloader Bata Autoloader The Bata Autoloader holds 20 baseballs or 15 softballs Feeds balls at 6 second intervals Adjustable metal tripod st...

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  • Bata B1 Curveball PM


    The economy of a single-wheel machine with the ability to throw different pitches. B1 Curveball The B1 Curveball is the economy of a single-wheel m...

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  • Bata Remote Control


    Bata Remote Control The Cordless Remote On/Off may be used with any of the Bata Auto Loaders. The Receiver (large part) plugs into your power ...

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    Bata Transport Wheels

    Original price $89.00
    Current price $69.00

    Bata Transport Wheels Transport wheels for Bata 2, Bata 1, B1 Curveball, and Twin Pitch. For the Bata 2,  new larger (10" x 3") wheels give you mo...

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  • Cage Connectors

    from $160.00

    Connectors for Wheelhouse Batting Cages.  Free shipping. Cage Connectors Order a set of cage connectors for your Wheelhouse Batting Cage syst...

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  • Connectors by the piece


    Buy individual replacement connectors. A maximum of 16 connectors can be ordered at one time.

  • Dimpled Baseballs


    Dimpled Baseballs for any pitching machine Dimpled Baseballs These dimpled baseballs work in all pitching machines.  Price is per dozen.

  • Dimpled Softballs


    Dimpled Softballs Works in all pitching machines.  Price is per dozen.

  • Sale

    Golf Net

    from $350.00

    Golf practice nets for Cages*Plus batting cages This golf net will fit inside any Cages*Plus batting cage. It is a 10' x 10' x 10' cube open on one...

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